Wednesday, September 9, 2009

August/September Update

See how bad I am at blogging? Let's play catch-up. This is Spike. He is an owner surrender after being adopted out from OCFA in 2006. He is really sweet and deserves to be back into a home.

Popcorn speaks for herself. She is super cute, super sweet, and *hopefully* super desirable.

Josh. Kinda goofy, but really nice. Tried to jump up on me and hold himself there, like he was begging me not to leave. I hate when dogs do that, it makes me miserably sad. He is the type of dog that would REALLY appreciate a home.

Poor Gail is sick, you can see it in her eyes. She isn't eating, and just sleeps a lot. She needs someone to dedicate some TLC time to her. I don't know what the vet thinks is wrong with her, but she needs fluids badly.

Good news - someone is FINALLY adopting Honey! She will be going to her new home on Friday. It's about time, she's been in the shelter system/foster care for like 4 months. We are lucky that she is patient.

Next up, MOLLY. Yes, Molly is STILL IN THE SHELTER. Good grief. She has been there almost as long as Honey and she is really really going crazy. I'm slated to take her as soon as Honey is rehomed, so we will see how that goes. Hopefully she will be easy to train and someone will want her. I have a feeling that she will be destructive....Brian's favorite kind of fosters!

That's about it....please leave me a comment to know that I am not writing a brick wall. You can leave a comment that says "comment" and it would be real funny. it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of July Update

This is Mario. He is a mutt at its finest. He is super sweet and has a great personality, so it is a shame that he is in the shelter.
Doogie just came back to be with us after 2 years. He was living with someone but was just picked up last week running down the highway. We'd like to get him a permanent home this time.

This poor girl is Cora. She looks like she was possibly used for backyard breeding. She is underweight and very skittish. She does warm up quickly and I'm sure that she would be a wonderful pet.

We still have Honey, Shane, Addie, Molly, and McCoy needing homes. The two abused JRT's will be going to rescue and Milan has a home lined up in the near future. Our dog warden is still getting calls to pick up dogs so we need rescues to pull some of our dogs or someone to adopt.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

McCoy and Molly Need You!

This is McCoy. He is UTD/neutered and ready for you. He is a young collie mix who wants to play and run. Please help to get him out of the shelter soon.

Molly also needs a home. She is the brindle/white APBT. She is only 10 months old and is an owner surrender. The stepdad was tired of Molly getting loose from her chain and running off so he threatened to shoot her unless she was taken to the pound. What a terrible situation! We are happy to have her, but she needs more space to run and play.

Please think about adoption or donations if possible. We will take pet food cupons as well as food. We also owe the vet over $1,000 so any money donations are welcome.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Only 2 Dogs Remain....For Now

Honey the cross-eyed coonhound. Cody the neglected German Shepherd. These are the only two in the shelter right now. We just spent a boatload of money transporting the rest to a local no-kill shelter that will accept dogs from us at a price of $100 per dog, $50 per puppy. Well, as great of an option as this is, it really kills any funding that we have. Fifi, the parvo survivor was one to go. Not only did we foot the bill for her expensive parvo treatment, but we also had to fork out $100 to get her to safety. Add in the cost of transportation and daily care, and now you see the plight of many rescues. No money, not enough help, no interest in the dogs.

Fifi is a great example: happy, loveable 6 month old dog who just happened to be a yellow lab mix. Labs are insanely popular and so are puppies. What is the problem? Why did no one even show an ounce of interest? What about the other less appealing dogs? What happens to them? Fortunately, we don't euthanize unless the dog is already almost dead from an injury or illness or the dog is such a physical threat (usually due to illness) that we can't bring him/her to the point of being a pet. We do not euthanize because a dog gets a minor illness. We do not euthanize because a dog gets hit by a car and needs a wound closed or a leg amputated. We do not euthanize because a dog is a pit or a pit mix or someone down the line may think that the dog resembles anything remotely pitty. We do not euthanize due to a lack of space. We are pretty generous to the dogs, at least as generous as we can be. Where are all the happy homes that should come floating around?

What about the other shelters that euthanize more frequently?

What about the shelters that have been known to take in 70 (yes, 70!) dogs per day?

Geesh, this is depressing work.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too Many Dogs.

I get sad quite a bit when I realize that there are just too many dogs to save. I need to stop looking at the South Carolina and Georgia shelters because they seem to be the worst. I know there is plenty of help needed in my own backyard but I feel especially bad for out of state dogs. Don't know why.

I am traveling to Owenton again today and will be getting some updated photos. Here are the guys who have been there for a while, some over a month. I will see if I can get photos of the facility today so you can see what the shelter looks like.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Current Goings-On

Here another sad attempt to keep this thing alive.

News Item #1 - I got another permanent dog! I am crazy but he is just great. He was a foster that we decided to keep. His name is Rocko and he looks like a Shepherd/Rottie/Chow mix. He will be big and fuzzy and awesome. Here is a photo of Rocko for everyone to freak out about:

There is no reason for me to have a blog. Really. I don't blog that often because I would just rather be creepy and read what everyone else is blogging about. Let's see if some more news will help.

News Item #2 - We just got in two pit mix puppies and boy are they cute! I can't foster them because I'm trying to keep Rocko safe from any possible threats of parvo. Here are the pictures to prove the cuteness.

Jody. What a doll baby. He is 8 weeks old and he is the ringleader.

Reggie. The smaller but just as cute brother. He is the cuddler.

Now that your heart hurts as a result of cute overload, here are a couple others that really need homes as well. They've been waiting awhile and they are adults. Adults are cute too!

Oh Ranger. He was placed in a home on a "trial basis" which never sounds good to me. His family took advantage of his Risk-free 30 day trial and promptly returned him to the shelter. He is so cool, we don't understand why. He is active, friendly, and really really needs to get out of the shelter.

Hey Mick! He is one of many many beagles that wander into the pound. Nobody is surprised that his owners never came to get him. He is so sweet and loves to run around and play. He has also been in the shelter way too long.

This dog is super cool. He is laid back and no-nonsense. He just wants a porch or a cool wood floor to lay on. His troublemaking days are over so he would make a great companion for someone who does not want an "in-your-face" dog. His name is Cisco.

E-mail if you want to adopt or have questions about the dogs. I can tell you how to adopt as well. That's about it, everyone except for Rocko (of course) is highly adoptable and available.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

9 Babies to Choose From

Here they are, some of the dogs in the shelter. Obviously I can't take one as a foster since I have a foster already, so here's where you come in and adopt them. I am so not educated in the realm of HTML and designing things for the web, so I couldn't add any more photos today. Let me know if you are able to help out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Post: Look at Me Go!

"Know anyone looking to adopt a dog?"

My friends probably want to shoot me, they hear that so much. This is what it is for me, this is my passion. I save dogs. Not all dogs, but the dogs that end up in the shelter that I work with. I will put all the "adoptables" up here so you can ooh and aah about how cute they are and help me find good permanent homes for them.

This blog is for both me and the dogs, but it's really just a means to an end. Hopefully, the end will be happy for these dogs instead of sad. So I am going to feature my current foster dog and give her a post of her own. She deserves it.

Name: Tia

Age: 4 1/2 - 5 months

Weight: 21 pounds

Breed: mixed bag of everything/basset mix?

Vet Care: needs spayed, has had 1st of 3 puppy boosters

Married? Have kids? Single? Elderly? Live in an apartment? Live on a big farm? Tia is for you. Just trust me, she is the best foster I have ever had. I really mean that. I've had a lot of fosters, too. Trust me, adopt her.

I am going to the shelter in a couple of hours and I will probably come back with all kinds of photos to post of these dogs. Please think about taking a dog. My dogs were all rescued, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.