Wednesday, September 9, 2009

August/September Update

See how bad I am at blogging? Let's play catch-up. This is Spike. He is an owner surrender after being adopted out from OCFA in 2006. He is really sweet and deserves to be back into a home.

Popcorn speaks for herself. She is super cute, super sweet, and *hopefully* super desirable.

Josh. Kinda goofy, but really nice. Tried to jump up on me and hold himself there, like he was begging me not to leave. I hate when dogs do that, it makes me miserably sad. He is the type of dog that would REALLY appreciate a home.

Poor Gail is sick, you can see it in her eyes. She isn't eating, and just sleeps a lot. She needs someone to dedicate some TLC time to her. I don't know what the vet thinks is wrong with her, but she needs fluids badly.

Good news - someone is FINALLY adopting Honey! She will be going to her new home on Friday. It's about time, she's been in the shelter system/foster care for like 4 months. We are lucky that she is patient.

Next up, MOLLY. Yes, Molly is STILL IN THE SHELTER. Good grief. She has been there almost as long as Honey and she is really really going crazy. I'm slated to take her as soon as Honey is rehomed, so we will see how that goes. Hopefully she will be easy to train and someone will want her. I have a feeling that she will be destructive....Brian's favorite kind of fosters!

That's about it....please leave me a comment to know that I am not writing a brick wall. You can leave a comment that says "comment" and it would be real funny. it.