Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of July Update

This is Mario. He is a mutt at its finest. He is super sweet and has a great personality, so it is a shame that he is in the shelter.
Doogie just came back to be with us after 2 years. He was living with someone but was just picked up last week running down the highway. We'd like to get him a permanent home this time.

This poor girl is Cora. She looks like she was possibly used for backyard breeding. She is underweight and very skittish. She does warm up quickly and I'm sure that she would be a wonderful pet.

We still have Honey, Shane, Addie, Molly, and McCoy needing homes. The two abused JRT's will be going to rescue and Milan has a home lined up in the near future. Our dog warden is still getting calls to pick up dogs so we need rescues to pull some of our dogs or someone to adopt.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

McCoy and Molly Need You!

This is McCoy. He is UTD/neutered and ready for you. He is a young collie mix who wants to play and run. Please help to get him out of the shelter soon.

Molly also needs a home. She is the brindle/white APBT. She is only 10 months old and is an owner surrender. The stepdad was tired of Molly getting loose from her chain and running off so he threatened to shoot her unless she was taken to the pound. What a terrible situation! We are happy to have her, but she needs more space to run and play.

Please think about adoption or donations if possible. We will take pet food cupons as well as food. We also owe the vet over $1,000 so any money donations are welcome.