Friday, May 15, 2009

Current Goings-On

Here another sad attempt to keep this thing alive.

News Item #1 - I got another permanent dog! I am crazy but he is just great. He was a foster that we decided to keep. His name is Rocko and he looks like a Shepherd/Rottie/Chow mix. He will be big and fuzzy and awesome. Here is a photo of Rocko for everyone to freak out about:

There is no reason for me to have a blog. Really. I don't blog that often because I would just rather be creepy and read what everyone else is blogging about. Let's see if some more news will help.

News Item #2 - We just got in two pit mix puppies and boy are they cute! I can't foster them because I'm trying to keep Rocko safe from any possible threats of parvo. Here are the pictures to prove the cuteness.

Jody. What a doll baby. He is 8 weeks old and he is the ringleader.

Reggie. The smaller but just as cute brother. He is the cuddler.

Now that your heart hurts as a result of cute overload, here are a couple others that really need homes as well. They've been waiting awhile and they are adults. Adults are cute too!

Oh Ranger. He was placed in a home on a "trial basis" which never sounds good to me. His family took advantage of his Risk-free 30 day trial and promptly returned him to the shelter. He is so cool, we don't understand why. He is active, friendly, and really really needs to get out of the shelter.

Hey Mick! He is one of many many beagles that wander into the pound. Nobody is surprised that his owners never came to get him. He is so sweet and loves to run around and play. He has also been in the shelter way too long.

This dog is super cool. He is laid back and no-nonsense. He just wants a porch or a cool wood floor to lay on. His troublemaking days are over so he would make a great companion for someone who does not want an "in-your-face" dog. His name is Cisco.

E-mail if you want to adopt or have questions about the dogs. I can tell you how to adopt as well. That's about it, everyone except for Rocko (of course) is highly adoptable and available.

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